Giving Scrivener as a Gift?

What is the best way to give Scrivener as a gift? I have a writer friend and this is going to be his present but I can’t figure out how to get it to him. If I download it it’s on my machine, I’m Mac he’s Windows.


I’d rather avoid the just give him the cash for it but will if that’s the only option.

Couldn’t you simply buy it with your credit card, but on his name? You’d be mailed the licence code, stating HisName and Serial-#1234-123-, which you then give to him so he can enter it into the registration window of his downloaded trial version.

I’d have to get to his machine to download the trial. I don’t have access to his machine and he doesn’t have particularly fast internet speeds so no way to easily download it. That’s one of the problems. The other is it’s then tied to my e-mail and I don’t want that.

A very cheap flash drive would allow you to download the Windows Trial version (exactly the same as the licensed version once he enters his code), and then give it to him. As for buying the license… if you’re careful, can’t you just enter his email address in the purchase screen? He can use the full features of Scrivener’s trial version for 30 days, so you can tell him that there will be a license code sent to his email address as soon as you get back to your computer.

I was able to get the code sent to his e-mail. Found a thumb drive, got the trial downloaded and delivered it today. Thanks for the help.