Giving Windows writing permission to Android

Okay, so this will become very technical… I hope someone can help me!

I would like to be able to write on my Scrivener projects on two different computers - the one at home (main), and the one at work. However, the one at work does not have internet, which makes it a bit complicated.

I store my projects directly in Dropbox, so they are available on other devices. Therefore, I got the idea to install Dropbox on my phone, which would synchronise when it has internet, and simply connect it to my work laptop with an USB cable and edit it directly.

I have now downloaded- and found the files on my phone. BUT - I don’t have permission to edit the project on my PC because it’s read-only. I also tried copying the files directly from my computer to my phone and open them - still read-only. No writing permission, which Scrivener of course needs.

Does anyone here have the technical skills to help me, or have any other idea of what I can do?

The only other option I can see is to carry with me a flash drive, and edit directly to that… Which I honestly kind of think would suck.

Thank you!

Sometimes the files on your phone card are automatically marked as read-only. When you transfer them to your other machine, the read-only attribute is not cleared automatically, based on the way you copy the data. You might try to explicitly remove the read only attribute of all files within the project folder. Right click the project folder > Properties > Read only attribute. Make sure the change is applied to all subfolders and files. Hope this helps.