Glitch/problem/near disaster with Compile Command

The Compile command no longer works! Yes, does not finish converting to anything. This is not a total disaster only because I have a second copy of Scrivener on another computer which was able to compile each chapter in my project.

Situation: ON the ‘main machine’ using MacOS 10.9.4, I have a Project with 23 chapters, plus appendices, etc., with extensive graphics in the Figures folder. Built the whole thing, compiled chapters individually, edited, re-arranged, all with no problem. Printed outlines of chapters and the whole document easily.

Then it would not compile the whole thing. Tried to compile & convert to .docx overnight, and failed. Canceled that. Then it wouldn’t compile a single chapter, a measly 7000 words plus graphics.
OK, reboot Scrivener & the machine. Still won’t compile any text. Can only do outlines.

Meanwhile, my laptop (also OS10.9.4) compiles each chapter well, plus one section (about 1/3 of total). It is currently working on the entire document (135,000 words, with graphics). So I’m not in panic mode. Yet.

Back to main machine & non-compile problem. What might be the diagnosis?
Could there be something in the document that is glitching the compile command (if this is possible)? I have never compiled the document with the title & opening pages before.
Could canceling a compile while in progress leave some deep variables settings in need of a reset?

And the possible fix(es)?
One action option: Install Scrivener all over again, from scratch. I have the original .dmg file, and the activation code #. This will wipe my own compile settings and other personalized adjustments, but a small sacrifice in view of the problem.

And a re-install will not tell me what to avoid in future.

Possibly an image, or a bad Unicode character. This thread might help:

Are you using the latest version of Scrivener?