Glitches found via Tutorial

Some of these may be the program’s fault; others may be just an inaccurate Tutorial.

  1. The instructions in the Splitting the Editor document don’t describe the behaviour of the button:

Straight-click divides the editor horizontally or horizontally, depending on which mode was last selected. Alt-clicking does nothing. Ctrl-clicking divides the pane vertically.

  1. The menu item “View > Editor Layout > Split Horizontally” hint should be displayed as [color=green]Ctrl-Shift++, not [color=green]Ctrl++. Especially given the other items it’s among.

Same with “Split Vertically” — [color=green]Ctrl-Shift+" not [color=green]Ctrl+".

  1. This, from Splitting the Editor, doesn’t work: “Tip: Double-clicking on the central divider will resize the two editors so that they are of equal height or width.”

  2. Working through the Compiling the Draft document steps — the result from the 12-pt Courier example isn’t very clean.

For example, when I complied the tutorial and looked at the top of page 18, I saw an intro body text paragraph, a numbered list, two body text paragraphs and a tip. Inter-paragraphs spacing was inconsistent, and the tip was in a different font. That’s true throughout the document.

I suspect this just hasn’t gotten the developer’s attention yet, but I’d suggest that if this is the user’s first exposure to Compile, it should produce a sparkling, impressive result.

  1. Still in the Compile dialog box, I couldn’t resize columns in the Duplicate and Edit Format dialog box.

  2. The use of gray-on-blue for the widgets in the Ocean theme makes navigating these dialog boxes really hard. I know that’s not an immediate problem, but it’s a problem. Is there a way to manually change that — without modifying a text file? I’d love it if there were.

  3. I have questions involving themes/layouts/options (settings), but I’ll save that for a separate post.

Thanks. HTH.