Global Autocomplete

Hello all,
I started using Scrivener for tech writing because I produce documents for a variety of audiences and can simply compile different versions by including or not including specific sections. So far, I like everything about it except I’m wondering if there is a way to set up a global autocomplete list so I don’t have to retype all of my autocomplete entries, which are generally the same, each time I start a new project.


If you’re only doing it occasionally, just open the autocomplete list in Project Settings in both projects and drag them across.

But, a better way of doing it, if you’re going to be doing it often, then set it (and things like section types, custom metadata, labels, statuses etc that you also want to reuse) in one project, and File > Save as Template, so you can use it as the basis for any relevant new projects – it will appear in the New Projects dialogue under the category you give it (eg non-fiction etc).


Thanks! Template did the trick