Global change to a text style?

SciFi writer here and it’s a part of our genre that we italicize our spaceship names…

Is there a way to do a global search for a ship name say - USS Marathon – and then have the app make it change from plain text to italicized text throughout the whole book?

Now that would be cool…but I can’t seem to find that as yet in the app…


This is one of the many reasons why I use Markdown to write—no need for programs to have fancy and complicated features to adjust formatting. Just search for Boat and replace with Boat, done. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, nope that isn’t possible. Best you can do is get really familiar with F3 (find next) and Ctrl-I (italicise). Some people just wait until post-compile when they are finishing up the work in LibreOffice/Word/etc., where these kinds of tools are more often found.