Global change to Editor font

I want to change the font for every scene (there are many), but when I make a change by selecting Manuscript the scenes are unaffected except for the Title Page. Is there a way to do this? (I’m not concerned about the Compile preset.)

EDIT: I should add that I tried with the project open in Scrivenings view.

You can’t mass edit in a scrivenings view (multiple documents in the binder, viewed all at once). What you’ll want to do (which will help with documents you create in the future), is to go to Tools->Options->Editor, and adjust the sample text there. Once you have everything formatted the way you want your text to look, then select all of the documents in your binder*, and then select Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style.

  • You’ll want to expand everything in your binder, so that the selection will include everything; Select your top-level folder in the Binder, and then go to View->Outline->Expand All. Then select the first document you want to modify, then scroll to the bottom and SHIFT-click on the last one you want to change.

Thanks again, Robert.

BTW, there are two Outline items in the View menu. That’s a little confusing to newbies like me.

Be aware that this technique will destroy links, comments and footnotes, at least in Windows. That’s so even if you specify “Convert Font Only.”