Global character count and target

Hi everybody, I’m new of the forum.

I like to know how many characters my draft counts, so I’ve searched for a global character count and target feature but I didn’t find it.
I only found the way to put the character (or word) count on the first page of the draft, but what I’d really want is the same count and target feature every document has in its footer view, applied to the whole draft.
Is there a way to get it or should I put it in the wish list?

Thanks :wink:

View > Statistics > Project Statistics.

Oh, it was easy! I’ve been using Scrivener for a couple of weeks and I haven’t explored all of its features yet.
But what about the chance to set a target for the whole project and see it in the application’s interface?
Thanks for your help, anyway (and for the very good app: I’ve started using it for a novel and some tv stories) :wink:

View > Statistics > Project Target?
Thanks for the kind words,

Ok. I’m definitely going to buy new glasses.

But if I just want to count a little selection? How do I count just a few lines, paragraphs etc, that I´ve marked/selected?

Highlight (as in select) the text, and then right-click on it (or Ctrl-click on a laptop). The word and character count is displayed at the bottom of the drop down menu.

Thanks alot…
Scrivner really does all I could ever want