Global crisis slashing chances of a book deal?

Shame on you…you…how you say…“Shamless Hussy!” Why for you seek, ‘Pirate Porn’, when already you have, Moi!! Le D :smiling_imp:

You’re missing a leg. :wink:

he is missing a soul.

Well, you’re missing a head. And I assume whatever went in it as well. :smiling_imp:

(Whatever vic-k is missing, he still makes a great martini, and that makes up for pretty much everything in my book. :smiley: )

my head exploded while trying to explain to vic-k that the computer mouse would not work better if he fed it cheese.

As to the martini, make sure he isn’t just swiping one from in front of someone else and giving it to you. He is like that.

And this would be a problem exactly why?

(Alcohol is a fine disinfectant, if it’s germs you’re worried about)

Think about the poor person who was drinking a perfectly fine drink to have it mysteriously get all hairy on them. Think about it. Awful.

Excuse me please! Im conducting a survey of L&L forums, trying to ascertain just how many threads are plummeting disastrously of topic. Its proving difficult to find one that is actually,‘on’, topic.
Ah well thank you for your time.
Survey Assistant Smorg.

Give KB time. He will ban a few of your personalities and things will settle down again.

It’s five o’clock somewhere.


How would timezones work if the world were flat?

Thank you mum of molly for sending my brain down this rabbit hole.


…is the kind of non sequitur Jaysen is notorious for. It looks like it`s infectious and spreading. This is the only known cure.
Take three bottle capfuls every four minutes., until, “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” makes some kind of sense to you.

Dear, dear vic-k.

Would the translation “The sun is over the yardarm somewhere” fall more easily on those cute little pirate ears?

In any case, many thanks for the whiskey, which will go a long way towards obliterating my fear of impending financial doom.



Now y`re talking, ‘sense’, instead of, ‘Jaysen’. :wink:

Listen you …

Never mind. AmberV has already put me my place and I need to behave. So :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill bet you just, [i]'love it',[/i] when she does, dont y :smiling_imp: Once Ambers beaten up on a guy, he`s never the same again.
Ah well :smiley:
Take care

Amber, just so you know, I STARTED OUT on topic, it’s THEIR fault I got waylaid. So to speak.




Ah puch is here.