Global Find and Replace... with COLOR!

When I make edits, I search for words that I overuse or would like to avoid. I find and replace them with the same word, but with two asterisks after them. (i.e. I would search for the word “just,” and replace it with “just **”.)

What would be so helpful for revisions would be to find and replace with color, or to be able to globally comment on something.

Find and replace with color: Search for “just” and replace with “just**” but in red font, or with red highlight.

Global comment: Search for “just” and have Scrivener comment on every just with “fix” or something like that. That way, when people go through their revision comments, they can see and fix every time they used the word “just.”

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That is something I wanted to suggest as well:
What I do no is copy a chapter to word (or another text editing program) and run the find and replace function by highlighting the searched for word.
Replace START(highlighted in green for example)
That way I can go over each instance and decide if I can leave, cut or replace individually (plus I see how often I use a certain word if for example my document turns out to have a splash of green measles.
This is a fairly common feature in text programs and would be so helpful!

Actually, it would be great to have a number of other search and replace formatting options. In particular, I use a lot of foreign words in my writing that need to be italicized. I would like to search for all the times that word appears, and replace with the same word italicized, rather than italicizing as I go.
Any chance?
Thanks so much. Love the program.

I can’t speak for anyone at Lit & Lat, but at some point they might do something that allows you to apply a formatting preset to found words, phrases, or strings of characters. You could then create a preset to color the found text, and simultaneously replace that “word” with “word**”.

Not sure if there are any plans for that as a feature, but if they were to do it, I’d guess applying formatting presets from a drop-down list that corresponds to Format->Formatting->Apply Preset is how it would be done.

I just want to know can I find the menu choice for global search and replace in scrivener for iOS? I know this sounds dumb, but I’m missing something and need to do a global search and replace within a project.

So far as I know, there’s no global replace in Scrivener iOS. Global search, yes – pull down on the binder and the global search box will appear. But not replace.

Damn! Well, at least it confirms my sanity but it sure seems like a significant oversight.