Global Folders?

I’ve looked at the documentation and I cannot see a way to do this. But here’s what I want to do:

I have a bunch of links (over 30) to articles on the web. I have them organized in a folder hierarchy whose highest level is simply called “General”. I would like to include this folder hierarchy in other similar projects. Is that possible?

I could create a template, but is that the only way? It seems overkill. For example, if I wanted to have the General folder in both a screenplay and a novel, I would need two different templates.

The best route to take with this sort of stuff is to keep a general notes project for all of the things that are used communally by other projects, or that you frequently use to start off new projects with (but don’t want to create a whole template for—or in your case where you need these items for multiple types of projects). This is a pretty popular technique, and it is bolstered by the ability to drag items from one Binder to another while both projects are open. Consequently you can use a project like this as a “seed project” where you jot down story ideas which have no home yet, and if they develop into something with potential merit, you can just create a new project, drag your notes in from the general note project, and remove them from there.

Another alternative is just leaving that general notes project open all of the time. Unless you physically need these research items in the WIP project, that’s fine to do.

Do note that at the moment, I think inter-project dragging is broken, so you won’t have any luck implementing this right now—but do know that what I described above is how it should work, and is a great way to accomplish this as it should retain most of the meta-data you give to these items, too.

Eh, Ioa got here first. I’ll just add that the drag-between-projects bug is that the subdocuments won’t carry over right now, so to do this you need to specifically select all the documents you want to move and then drag them (and unfortunately this also moves them out of order, which is another bug, but they’ll be there).

Thanks for the clarification on that, good to know it’s just a sub-document bug.