Global Font Setting?

Is there a way to set a standard font in my templates, or to set a font globally throughout all sub-parts of a project? I don’t want the Courier font that comes up automatically, but I have to change the font for every chapter or section that I create. I’d like to just specify a font for the entire document, or ideally create a default font for all templates.

Can I do that?


Yes, go to the Tools/Options menu (or press F12). Then click on the Editor tab and use the little mock editor there to set up things how you like. This will affect all new documents that you create within a project—it won’t change what you’ve already created. You can go back and reset older documents by selecting them in the Binder, and then using the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style command.

Unfortunately even though I do this, new docs still start with Courier. The Editor at the top says I’m using Microsoft Sans Serif, 14, Regular, 1.5 - the options I set - but when i start typing it’s always Courier. Which is a shame, cos I hate Courier.
The other options load great - my background colour, etc, - but Courier dogs me in every new scene :angry:

Are you in scriptwriting mode? The font is set for the elements separately, so that might be the issue here. You can adjust that by going into Format>Script Settings… and then setting your preferred font for each of the elements. The thing with this is that you’ll usually want to compile script documents without overriding formatting, so that you don’t lose any of the special formatting, but that means you’ll need to reset the font in all the documents to whatever you need for your final output before you compile. This might not always be an issue, depending what you’re doing with the compiled script, and it might be easier to just fix the font after you get it out of Scrivener, but it’s something to note. Future compile options, such as a font override, will make this simpler.

Thanks Jennifer/MM. No, I’m not in scriptwriting mode, but I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. :smiley:

This saved me! I managed to get text that wasn’t supposed to be script into script and then I couldn’t figure out how to replace courier with Georgia and I stumbled across this nugget when I did a search! Thanks, AmberV!

There is no Tool option, and F12 switches me to the Mac Dashboard. Fn-F12 increases speaker volume on my Macbook Air. So … what are you talking about? How can I change the Default Text Style?

You’re asking this question in the Windows forum, and F12 refers to the setting in Windows, not Mac.

On the Mac, go to Preferences under the Scrivener menu, choose the Formatting pane, set up the text in the box how you want your default paragraph to look, or, if you have a paragraph in your open project that is set up the way you like, put your cursor in that and in the Preference pane, click the “Use Formatting in Current Editor” button.

All new documents you open in existing projects or in new projects will use that as the default. For existing documents, choose the ones you want to change and from the menu option choose “Formatting to Default Text Style”.

I have set up a keyboard shortcut in the System Preferences to do the latter, as I have to do it so often with imported documents.