Global formatting in Scrivener 1.9.9

Hello, I am seeking advice and guidance for formatting my book for submission to publisher. I have written my book mostly writing directly into Scrivener but sometimes pasting text from other sources (Word , email , PDF’s) into chapters within my manuscript. Accordingly, I have ended up with my work in a variety of fonts and formats. I wish to apply a global format to the entire manuscript. I wish to do this prior to compiling it and producing a PDF or Word document for submission to publishers.

My book is particularly time sensitive and having spoken to publishers who are expressing interest I wish to progress this as quickly as possible. Large parts of the book are reporting speech, letters emails and other documents verbatim and I have chosen to identify this by highlighting that by the use of italics and footnotes that reference the source . If it is possible in globally formatting the entire manuscript to retain those portions presently in italics that would be ideal. However if there is only a quick and dirty work around because it is not possible to format whole projects globally in Scrivener I understand and need the work around please.

Please can you explain the steps (procedure) I will need to take to arrive at this desirable point.

Thank you


This is what the Compile process was made for – creating a consistent output document even when your source documents in the Scrivener project are not in a consistent format. What is driving you to clean up your project (especially when you have a tight time frame) before compiling it? That might help us understand better how to help you.