Global maxymiser!! Has anybody met this little frigger!! … .maxymiser

I don’t think it’s what you call malware, but it’s a feckin nuisance!! :frowning:

depends on who you define “malware”. To me anything that does something I don’t approve of is malicious. So this would be malware.

Then there is the shirt I am wearing as I type. It has been mal-wear for several decades now but snort is letting me keep it anyway.

Just give it a good laundering. That’ll help matters some…I should think.

Init boring when you have to go back on topic :frowning: tch!tch! … -woes.html

Why bother? I don’t.

So how’s the intarwebalyzer billed over there? Bytes used or flat rate?

I think it’s, shaken-not-stirred :confused:

Interesting. I think that can also be used to explain the mental states of several crew members.

Now I’m interested (or at least, vaguely understand the topic). Name names, point fingers, dish the goss, etc. … -woes.html
This do y’?

Now I’m jut confused. But given that’s a base and stable state, I don’t hold you responsible.

Bummer if you’ve been affected by that. I wonder if it might explain some of the problems we’ve had with our ISP this week (which, otherwise, has been rock solid for 18 months).