Global metadata?

Is there a way to add global metadata - and then use that in specific project?

(Have lots of metadata, lots of projects… suddenly find myself wanting to add same metadata to several projects… need something to speed up the process.) :slight_smile:

There isn’t a concept of truly global metadata, but there are a couple of tools that can help:

  • You can drag and drop metadata setups between open projects, via their respective Project Settings panels.
  • And of course, Project Templates are a great way to establish common custom metadata, along with myriad other project-level preferences one might have.

This also works dragging between keyword panels as well. The section definitions and structure has to exported from one project and then imported into target project. But yes can migrate the vast majority of that type of metadata in the keyword and project settings panels.

Whiii! Perfect! Thnx! :star_struck: