Global "Recent Projects" option

I just noticed that the “Recent Projects” list seems to be particular to the project opened. Is it?

The issue is that I had worked on Project A just last night, but I started my day today working on Project B. When I wanted to return to working on Project A, I went to the “Recent Projects” list expecting to find it. After all, Project B had been the only thing opened since Project A. But Project A was not on the list.

(Insert image of shocked user here)

If this is how it currently works, could Lee add a preference to the Scrivener Options “General” tab that allowed the user to use the current behavior or use a global list instead? Then I could have the choice to use the current “local project list” or use a “global project list” across all projects I work on.

The recent projects list should be global, the way you expect, and it’s appearing that way for me, so this may require a little digging to figure out why it’s coming up differently for you. When a project is opened, it should get added to the top of the list (moving up there if it is already on the list), and then slowly move down as you open other projects until the lowest items–least recent–are bumped off the list. The start-up window (template chooser) and all projects should show identical lists. Hmm.