Global search and replace & using Notes in a split window

Following a bit of a rest after NaNoWriMo, I’m starting to think about going back over my story for a second draft and I’ve stumbled on two problems/questions regarding Scrivener.

The first thing I wanted to do was change the name of one of my characters. I assumed it would be a simple case of doing a search and replace but when I tried that it only seemed to apply to the current document. In other words, I couldn’t see how to do a search and replace over all the documents in my manuscript at once. Is this possible?

The other thing is that as I wrote my first draft, I made notes of ideas and things to change in the ‘Project Notes’ window. I now want to have a split window with those notes in one pane and the current document in the other. Is that possible? I realise I could copy and paste the notes from the window into their own document and select that for one pane but I’m curious if I can simply select the Project Notes window to use directly.

Edit: Oh, and one more thing… can I paste/insert a picture into a document?

Just had a brainwave and tried selecting several documents, turning on scrivenings mode and then running the search – that did all those selected docs in one go.

Still not as global as I’d like though. For example, it doesn’t find and replace the word from the document titles. Is there a more global mode?

I actually haven’t checked out b4 yet, so if I’m wrong hopefully someone will come in here and correct me, but in b3 a global search and replace tool was not yet developed. Check in the Edit menu somewhere for a “Project Replace” tool, or something named like that. If you don’t find anything, then it must not be developed yet. It’s on the roadmap though.

For now your workaround is best, use Scrivenings view to see many documents at once and use search and replace there.

Just installed V1.4 and see that I can now insert a picture into a document (Edit/insert/Image from file…) I may have just missed it before but I’m sure that wasn’t there in 1.3

No global search and replace yet though…