Global Search and Replace with Ital Enabled


I have a bit of a problem. Hoping someone can help.

I want to italicize a proper name in my 85,000 word novel. It occurs often enough that a manual search and insert is out of the question.

Research on this topic shows that others have asked about this and that as of a year or so ago, Scrivener didn’t have this capability. I’m wondering if it’s been added and if so, how to access it.

Have my fingers crossed on this one as I really don’t want to wait for the compile stage to take care of it. (Funny how something so simple as ital can make a difference in the way you compose and read a sentence.)

Any help much appreciated.


I’m afraid not; Scrivener doesn’t have any capabilities for a formatting search and replace (well, it has it for searching, but not replacing). Would it help to use asterisks or underscores while in Scrivener, then do the replacement post-compile to remove those and convert the text to italics?

That’s what I was afraid of. :frowning: Any plans to incorporate it in the future? Would be a big help. Unfortunately, underlining or asteriking doesn’t give the same feel – jarring.