Global search for two or three letter words

Everyone may know this but little me thinks … maybe not.

We sometimes want to search for a short word like ‘red’ or ‘ted’ or another short word of two three or four letters. But when we do the search we get EVERY long word with those letters in them.

So searching for ‘red’ will produce hundreds of results because words like appeared and prepared etc etc all have those letters.

To search for such words, put a ‘space’ before and maybe after the letters. So search for " red". Bingo.

Maybe I’m not following you correctly, but doesn’t the “Whole Word” setting in the search options do the trick as well?

TeXDown - - can do that very easily:

$ Dissertation -c -p roilr -s “\band\b”
[ 166] /ROI - Literature Review: mprovement\ of Ideas, Teams, and the Programme}
[ 322] /ROI - Literature Review/coakes - 2011 - sustainable innovation and right to market: \section[Coakes, Smith, and Alwis (2011)]{\citet{Coakes:2

The “\b” is the character for a word boundary.