Global Search Oddities

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m just not understanding Scrivener’s reasoning, but the behavior when doing a global search sometimes seems odd. Here’s an example:

  1. I’m editing a text document, and I need to find another text document that contains a particular text string.

  2. I type the text into the global search control at the top right.

  3. Binder entries for three text documents containing that text appear in the binder.

  4. Scrivener opens another text document in the editor, one that does not contain the text I’m searching for. It’s as if that document was selected at random.

  5. I delete the text in the search box by clicking the x, and I’m taken back to my original document.

  6. If I repeat the above steps, it does not switch the editor view to the new irrelevant document.

Am I not understanding something?

And here’s a consequence of the above:

Sometimes the user might search for some text, and Scrivener displays a single doc in the binder that contains that text, and switches to a new text document.

When this happens, the user assumes that the new document it switched contains the text. It does not, so the user searches with a within-document search and can’t find it.

This happened to me about five times until I finally realized that I had to click on the binder entry to get to the correct doc.