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I’m almost embarrassed to ask. :blush: I need to find copy in a particular scrivener file. As you no doubt know, when one goes to the find window, it only searches the project, but does not search through Research. The phrase I’m searching for is not in the synopsis, so no go there. It’s in my Research. I known I’m overlooking something terribly obvious and asking a question that must seem tedious. But I’m in a hurry and need to find copy I saved in a scrivener doc. Oh, ios 10.9.2 and Scriv 2.5. Thank you.

By default it should be searching your entire project (I don’t know what you mean when you distinguish between your project and research—does that mean you have your research in another project entirely? If so then search won’t work, it only works within a single project). If you do have everything in one project, then maybe your search settings are set up to exclude everything outside of the Draft folder. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar and make sure “Search Draft Only” and “Binder Selection Only” are disabled.

Thank you for your reply. My error was in ticking off the “Search Draft Only” selection in “Search.” Still I wonder is there a search that will include the “scratch pad” as well as “project notes”?

The scratch pad is outside of all projects, so that wouldn’t really work with project search. However it does just use ordinary files on your drive, so Spotlight should pick them up. As for project notes, unfortunately those can’t be search for either, it’s a known limitation we want to improve in the future.