Global snapshots (i.e. forked documents)

Snapshots are great, but they only work on a file-by-file basis. What if I could take a named snapshot of the entire document at once, and easily revert back to that snapshot on a global basis later on? In programming terms, it would be like creating a fork of the current draft.

For example, suppose I want to try eliminating a character from a novel I’m writing, just to see how it works, but I want to be able to “rewind” my changes if I need to. Currently, I could take a snapshot of every chapter I need to edit (without forgetting), and if I don’t like the changes, go to each chapter and restore the old snapshot. I see my proposed change as simply automating this process, so that you can snapshot the entire document at once, and restore it with a single click.

Erm … “File > Back Up > Back Up To…”?

Or “File > Save As…”, as a result of which you are editing the newly saved version rather than the original.

They both fork your project.

Mr X

Yes, that’s one method. I think there might be value in keeping it all in one document. Just thought I’d put the idea out there.

I just realized that you can take a titled snapshot of multiple text files at once, which is half of my idea already. That leaves being able to restore multiple files at once.

So… You found out? Think you could share? :laughing:


EDIT I found out how to take a snapshot of several documents at once!

In Tools > Customize Toolbars…, you can put a “Take Snapshot” or “Take Snapshot With Title” icon onto your toolbar. Select all the documents you want to take a snapshot of in the binder, and press the button - BAM!

I’m one happy writer now :mrgreen: