Global Snapshots

Is it possible to take a snapshot of a whole project in one go as opposed to doing it one piece at a time? If so how to do it?

Of course it is called save as

You can set Scrivener to take Automatic Snapshots on Manual Save. This makes snapshots of any docs that have changed when you manual invoke the Save command (not Save As!).

If you want to force snapshots of even docs that have not changed, you can induce snapshots for an entire folder’s contents— which might happen to be your Drafts folder. See the Scriv Manual, Section 15.8 “Using Snapshots” and notice the highlight box titled “How to Snapshot an Entire Folder”.


That I have already done.

Thank you. That is what I was looking for.

A better choice would be File → Backup → Backup To.

Save As creates a new copy of the project, and continues work in the copy. This is a frequent cause of “missing” work, when the user then opens the (unchanged) original.

It’s called an automatic zip backup.

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Orpheus was looking for snapshots (and maybe also Eurydice) not backups, friends. GoalieDad’s post was a bit of a misdirect.

The text copies called snapshots in Scrivener are not a snapshot in time of the project, even if every document has one. They don’t preserve styles, metadata, Binder structure, or a dozen other things a zip backup does preserve.

I am sure that is a fine thing to point out in case someone did not understand. But it does not change the fact that the OP was actually looking for the way to snapshot a lot of docs at the same time (as confirmed for us up-thread). He was not asking how to backup his project.

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But a zip backup is a snapshot of all the documents (and more). If the OP wanted the other sort of snapshot, they can make that choice. I threw out the other option because I think it’s superior, but to each his own.

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Backups I have plenty of. I wanted snapshots.

Still looking, should have made a backup or at least a snapshot. :cry:


I “looked back” instead of making a back up. Fatal error. :innocent:


I must have missed the button that allows one to compare the text in a document from that in a backup of the project. Snapshots have always served me well as a way to preserve copies of every document before a major revision, and a quick way to remind myself of what I’ve changed without resorting to converting text to in-line annotations or strikethrough with revision colors.

It’s fine to suggest an alternative approach, but each feature of Scrivener has advantages, especially for people who aren’t exactly like you. It’s frustrating (to me at least) when I ask for something specific, and someone counters with “that’s pointless, do this other thing”.


Back-looking when ya shoulda been backing-up. Classic mistake. :joy:

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That is why I wanted snap shots. I have plenty of backups on my SSD plus 4 TimeMachines and on DropBox.

I just found this, too! The menu item “Titled snapshots of selected documents” lets me take snapshots of, say, a draft I sent to my advisor, and give each one a title that tells me that’s the draft I sent him on xx date. Then I can work continue to work section by section, and am always able to compare what I have now to the version he’s last seen.

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