Global Spell Check

Wish there was a global spell check. I must do it one chapter/doc at a time. There is a global search/replace, wish spell check was global also

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You can already do this using Scrivenings Mode — Spell check checks what you have showing in the editor pane and Scrivenings Mode can be used to show your entire draft or any span of it altogether in the editor pane.

If you are not yet familiar with Scrivenings Mode, you are going to love it for so many reasons. It is a core feature that is part of what makes Scrivener truly wonderful.


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It doesn’t let me :slightly_frowning_face:. If I select multiple documents so they all appear in the editor, spell check only affects the one I’m currently editing, not all of the documents I’m seeing.

This is how it works for me:

  1. Select a section in the binder and switch on Scrivenings mode (⌘1 / Ctrl+1)
  2. Start spell check:
    • Win: Use the Edit ▸ Spelling... menu command
    • Mac: Use the Edit ▸ Spelling and Grammar ▸ Show Spelling and Grammar

It should walk through the entire session, from one chunk of text to the next.

I get same results as Ainoa.

Also does not work for me. I am in Scrivenings mode, selected a folder. Spell check only works for one chapter, and I must select each chapter one by one and click on spell check again.

This may work in Mac, but does not work in Scrivener 3 for Windows.

So, still on the wish list is a Global Spell Check.

It does seem to be working for me, though I did notice some oddities, like it would initially just scroll the editor from one misspelling to the next, and I’d have to right-click, then only after a bit did the dialogue box come up. But it was jumping from one section to the next in the session.

Update: oh wait, I’m using an internal build to test that on Windows, and it looks like this was an issue that was recently fixed. So that would explain it.

I have Scrivener for Windows v. (1274647) 64 bit, 28 Apr 2021.

If they will fix this in a future update, great. But I do not have that feature as you describe right now.

So, still on my Wish List.

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