Globally Remove Blank Line At Top of Docs

After importing and splitting a doc, each document contains a blank line at the top. Can I globally eliminate that blank line, or eliminate it somehow at the time of export? I do not have much control over the source doc. Thx, kraml.

It sounds like what you want to do is re-import and add the empty line as part of the separator in Import and Split. There’s not a simple way within Scrivener to identify and remove all leading blank lines, so you’d otherwise just need to do this manually as you go through the documents. You can do that pretty quickly though with the Alt+Shift+Up/Down shortcuts, keeping the focus in the editor to delete the line, go to the next document, delete the line, etc.

You could also just leave it there and in compile switch the separator to “Single Return” if you want a blank line between all the documents in compile. This gives less flexibility, but if that’s all you need at the end anyway it’s certainly the fastest option. :slight_smile:

Thanks MM. I will try those options. Best, kraml