Globally replace body style to no style

Hello, new to Scrivener and this forum. Before I read that one should not use a defined style for body text, I created a Body style and used it in each new paragraph. Now I’d like to change back to the recommended “no style.” Is there a way to globally do this (like find/replace style), or do I have to go to each of my hundreds of paragraphs and do it manually?

There’s no way to do a global replace, but what you can do is this:

  1. Load your manuscript in Scrivenings mode.

  2. Click into some text with the body style applied.

  3. Go to Format > Style > Show Styles Panel.

  4. Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the styles panel and choose “Select All Style”.

  5. Click on the “Remove Style” button.

This should do the trick.

All the best,

Oh, Keith, thank you!