Globally replace text with underlined text?

I’m using Windows 7. In my current WIP I use the name of a ship repeatedly. I didn’t underline the name when I typed it, but as part of my revisions I’d like to underline the name. I tried global replace, but the replace box won’t accept ctrl+U.

I could wait until I compile the text, but that is sort of far in the future. I’d appreciate any suggestions for getting a global underline

Scrivener’s find/replace works only on the text, not formatting or text decoration, so there’s not a way to replace with an underline, but you can do this fairly quickly using keyboard shortcuts. I’d use the project search to look for the ship name, then select all the search results in the binder and load them together in Scrivenings view. Click into the top of the editor and then use the regular document find (Ctrl+F) to look for the ship name, using F3 to skip through the text to each instance and Ctrl+U to underline.

Thanks. I’ll try this.