Glossary Compile

So I want a glossary for my long novel, and I followed some advice online and did the following:
Created a glossary folder at the end of the MS and created a text file for each word and then linked each text file definition to the first occurrence of the word in main MS.

Here’s the problem. When I compile the document every word in the glossary gets it’s own page, so it adds like 200 pages to my novel. . . .

I’d like the words to follow one another without like regular section breaks, so there are like 10 or 15 definitions on one page, not one definition per page.

Any suggestions?

You might find this previous post useful: Glossary. But otherwise, the concept you are going to want to search for by terminology is “section type” and “section layouts”. The user manual’s introduction and discussion on these topics in particular use glossaries as one of the examples of how this mechanism can be used—in particular the ability to override an area of the Draft folder to use a different Section Type, and thus a different look entirely from the rest of the manuscript.

You’re doing the right thing, I would say, you just need to tweak the settings to let the compiler know that’s what you’re doing.

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