glossary links

I’m writing novels set in France that have French sprinkled throughout the text. I was hoping the French was pretty self-explanatory but readers are asking for a glossary.

In a perfect world, I’d like them to be able to hover over a linked French word and see the definition without having to navigate away from the page. Less perfectly but still good would be to tap the word, go to a definition, and then come straight back to where they were.

Can I do either of these? I’m hoping to compile to .docx and then import into Vellum for ebooks.

I think you’ll find yourself running into limitations with what you can do to provide this kind of technology from within the e-book itself. For one thing, I don’t think .docx supports any such notion as attaching scripts to text to detect where the mouse is and create tooltips, and if it does, I doubt Vellum supports it on import since by and large, ePub and Mobi don’t really support this kind of thing either (keep in mind most e-readers don’t even have mice, so there is no such thing as “hover”, but tapping on links in the text to pop-up references or footnotes is something that should gradually become mainstream in the future).