gmail mystery

Can any of you technosmart people help with weirdness in my gmail.
Running Firefox 3 and the new version of gmail (googlemail in UK) and when I write or reply to a message the list of actions on the left (inbox, starred etc) appears on the sent message above the actual message in a vertical list. When I change to the older version of gmail, it’s OK, and the message is regular. But the older version keeps reverting to the newer version. Any ideas why – in idiot language, please? Or what I should do to stop it?



I have exactly the same setup but do not seem to have the same symptoms as you. I’m not sure I can picture what you are describing. Are you saying they appear in the message once it is sent, or is it there when you are composing?

Only when it’s sent. Didn’t know until someone asked why there was all the crud before the message.


I do IT technical support and training, and no that isn’t a general offer of free help, but Edinburgh-based and available for hire … :slight_smile:

I assume this is on a mac. I have a G4 powerbook (i.e. old) and an Intel mac mini (i.e. newer) with the latest version of Mac OS X and haven’t seen anything like this.

Is this just a display issue (i.e. it looks wierd but the message is fine) or is your outgoing message ‘corrupted’?

So, is your Mac OS X up to date (10.5.4)? if not try that if you can. Are you using the latest FF3 (i.e. not an earlier beta release, Firefox>about firefox should say 3.0), again if not download the latest version. Is it the same in Safari? if so then there may be some other problem. Another thing to try is to repair disk permissions (Utilities/disk utility - select your system disk and click repair permissions), it may help.

As for the older version setting in gmail there appears to be no way to make this a preferred setting.


Thanks, Ed. It was a display issue. The message was fine. What I did this morning was get rid of Zotero and Redesigned from my add-ons and now it works OK. Whether this is coincidence or not I haven’t a clue. Still a mystery but practically speaking solved. Many thanks.


Good, the repair permissions is worth doing anyway. Must admit I’d forgotten the possibility of add-ons.

Firefox add-ons let you tailor the browser to your needs but there is no quality control and a duff one can affect your whole browser. Do some homework before installing something new to make sure it isn’t a known source of problems. If you do have Firefox issues a good first thing to do is to disable all add-ons, if this fixes the problem then re-enable them one at a time.

Never heard of Redesigned, but it sounds like a potential source of display issues, Zotero should be safe enough. Try them one at a time - feedback to the deveopers if you notice issues.

Oh, the redesigned skin, “totally redesigns gmail”, I think not! Perhaps check for a latest version.


Thanks very much.