Gmail-style search operators

My idea would be to have operators that can be entered in the search box, similar to Gmail.

For example, if I wanted to find everything with the label “Preface” right now, I type Preface into the search box and then drop down the selector list and choose to limit my search to labels. I have to switch this back to “all” for my next search.
Instead, I’d love to be able to search for:


No need to drop down the list, change my search preference, and no need to switch it back later.
It would also open up the possibility of more complex searches.

label:Preface status:Revised

For example.

Text entered without an operator would search against whatever the selected mode is in the current dropdown…


That’s certainly a nice idea, and I like it. It would involve a fair bit of parsing and code to work with the current system, though, so I’ll keep this on the list for future thought - I have some ideas bubbling away about an improved search for version 3.0 (which admittedly is not even in the planning stages yet, just a bunch of blue-sky stuff I’d love to have in a future major update), so I’ll throw this in with my notes on that.

Thanks and all the best,