Go back a version, lose everything :(

I will admit that this was a 6:30 AM not thinking error.

Upgraded previously to 1.5B May 21 from March 30 version. Worked great. Did automatic backup just fine. Eight projects.

Unintentionally opened the old version from a left over Scrivener alias. Opened all previous projects with the “Update Project” question. Should have thought. Did not, just clicked. Opened all eight projects in the older version as blank projects. Opening the packages showed empty Scrivener projects. :cry:

So, no notice or clarity on “NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE! - DO NOT DO THIS!” I would not have proceeded except that the message was the already familiar “Update Project?” question. This could be solved with a snippet that that checked the version of the document and then popped up an older version warning. For future versions.

Fortunately, very fortunately, the automatic backup process worked and almost all of my work was recoverable. :slight_smile:

This is very well publicised in the release notes. From the readme that comes with the beta:

From the release notes:

So, “no notice or clarity” is not true at all. The older versions of Scrivener have no knowledge of the change in format because of the significance of the change. There is a version number built into the file format, but the older versions have no way of reading it from the new file format, unfortunately.

Moral: always read the release notes that come with any beta. :slight_smile:

And like you say, you don’t lose any work anyway thanks to the automatic backup. Scrivener is very careful about this for just this sort of eventuality.

All the best,

P.S. Posts pertaining to the beta really belongs in the Beta Testing forum, as requested in the beta thread…

I read the beta release notes and understood all of it. No lack of information. The mental error that I made was in not realizing that I had unintentionally opened my older, non-beta copy of Scrivener. I know that this cannot be “back corrected.” However, I think that some sort of internal project version tag might allow future beta testing with more protection.

You are correct on the appropriate forum. I was so deep into the use of the beta that I overlooked it not yet being released. Guess that says, at least for me, it is very stable and reliable.

Thanks. There is an internal version check, like I say. Unfortunately, though, the type of version check that goes on in pre-1.1 betas (1.039 and up) is incompatible with the old version check. Yes, I know that sounds stupid, but it was a mistake I made with the original format, and I can’t do anything about it now as the older versions are out there. Basically, the format of the file holding the version has changed, so that older versions can’t read it and assume it to be nil - and therefore part of a Scrivener Gold project that needs updating. This is an issue, I admit.