Go back to a previous save?

I accidently clicked something (maybe Novel Format??? not sure) and after I did that the editor started showing a split screen
I know I can turn it off from the view/editor/no split but then it comes back later just whenever. And I cannot delete the title pix no matter what I try.
Is there a way to just go back to a previous saved version of the file? I cannot find it if there is. Very frustrating. I do not want to create a new file and copy and paste each section as the novel was completed just before this crap started. ARGHHHHHHHH.

You can almost always set a backup back, so no worries. Don’t start and stop Scrivener a lot.

Have you accidentally chosen a Window Layout? Look at Window > Layouts and switch to Default Layout.

Also try the undo function while clicked in file especially imeadiately afterwards

Tried - still splits when I click on the title pix - going to try more destructive stuff. This is the first time Scriveners has done something stupid that I cannot find and answer for it.

Undo is not available either because I saved or whatever.

Was able to delete the title pix and backup file - the split screen no longer pops up.

Okay, what was the “pix”?

Often, weird display anomalies can be fixed by resetting the project display settings, as explained here:
(This is for the Mac version, so some of the specific commands may be different, but it’s the same file in both versions.)

It was a jpg for cover art. And I am not sure how to place the cover art into Scriveners.

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