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Just a small request. When working within a single document object, it would be nice to be able to “go to” a page number. Not project-relative page numbers, which would be hard to calculate quickly, but instead just document-specific pages. If my document is 17 pages long, I’d like to be able to quickly “jump” to page 5, for instance. It can get difficult navigating a document’s pages with only the scroll bar, or arrow keys, especially if it’s a large section, so this feature would really be a boon if it were included.

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—Andy H.

Out of interest, how will this help at all? In a document that is still in progress, the location of a particular piece of text won’t be fixed, and with so many documents it will be almost impossible to know which page a particular piece of text is on - that is, how often are you likely to know which page to go to?

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Well, if one is working on a novel, with long scenes, individual pieces of text may leap around, but the user might want to use the ‘Go To’ page feature to do more than simply find one piece of text; it could also be used to jump to a page that the writer knows is within the general vicinity of an area they want to work on; it would be simpler and easier than having to scroll through 15, 20, 25 pages of text in order to reach either a specific location or a general area where one is working. For instance; I have a scene right now that I’m editing after having written it. The text blocks don’t jump around a lot, and it’s easier for me to remember what “page” I was working on rather than remembering an exact phrase or an entire piece of text. If I’m working on a passage that appears on page 21, and I know it’s likely to stay there, then the next day when I get up, it will be easier for me to hit ‘Go To’ and type ‘21’ than it will be for me to scroll, and scroll, and scroll. Right now, if I cut a piece of text from way down into the document and then go to the ‘top’ of the document to paste it where I want it, I have to scroll-scroll-scroll all the way back to where I was. This would be a way of eliminating the need to do that. Surely, I can’t be the only one with this particular need.

And like I said, the feature would ideally be limited to each individual document’s page view; doing this on a project-wide basis probably wouldn’t work very well, and would be just as useless as you say. But in terms of navigating within specific documents, it would be very helpful indeed.

Do you use split screens for anything else while composing a scene? If not, try popping open a horizontal split, scrolling that to where you need to paste, and then closing it once you’ve moved the paragraph. Your original position is undisturbed. You can even do all of this with the keyboard (though the scrolling part is easier with the mouse and the scroll bar).

Even if you do use the other split (say for a navigational corkboard or outliner), it’s easy to Match, flip the focus over, do your thing, Cmd-[, and then go back to where you were. I do this kind of thing a lot, and haven’t ever felt to be particularly clumsy.