"Goal" measure - "progress metre"

One of the other writing programs includes a really intriguing feature: a measure/progress bar that checks my progress in terms of a pre-set goal (2000 words, 3 pages, 480 min of writing, etc.). That would be a really meaningful addition to the already excellent feature set in Scrivener.

This one has been discussed to death over there. Short summary:1. We want daily word counts!

  1. Hear hear!
  2. Daily word counts are a sick Pavlovian substitute for real writing!
  3. Well now, I take offense dear sir!
  4. (This goes back and forth for a while, and basically the news is eventually revealed that this will be considered carefully in the future, but not for now).

Ha! Good summary. But you forgot the all-important step:

  1. Can’t we all just get along?

Excellent pith.

But if I recall, it was a retarded Pavlovian substitute.

When it comes to mature argument, it’s all in the subtleties.:slight_smile:

tarded in the popular parlance of my household, if you recall. :slight_smile:

jkr - this is something a few users have requested, and it is on the list for future consideration. I just want to make sure it is done right if or when I do add it, which will require some thought; I had a progress meter in the old (free) version, Scrivener Gold, but was never happy with it.


Should have checked first before I opened up an old wound…thanks for clearing this up so quickly!

Please no.