Going back and forth from Windows to Mac


I’m really excited about the fact that documents created or saved in Scrivener for Windows are now fully readable in Mac. Therefore, this week I took a few things I have been working on Windows and took them to my Mac. Then I took those files back to Windows. These are my results, in case this data is helpful, or someone else has experienced something similar or additional:

Mac version of Scrivener: the newest
Windows version of Scrivener: 0.2.0

  • The Mac version opens the documents perfectly. There’s a window saying that the document appears to be open in other computer and that it will make a copy. Nevertheless, the copy is perfectly opened.
  • Once opened, all the documents and their comments are there.
  • On my Windows documents I used Palatino Linotype. Since on my Mac I have another version of Palatino, all the texts written in Palatino were changed to Arial. That happened again when I went back to Windows, from Mac, and reopened the Scrivener document modified on my Mac.
  • The only font that went back and forth unchanged was Georgia.
  • Bullets: The documents that were originally created on Windows were perfectly opened on the Mac. When reopened on Windows there were duplicated bullets. The problem solves by asking Scrivener to remove bullets, then only one bullet is left.
  • Highlight: Windows recognizes every highlights set in Mac :smiley: .
  • Tables: generally speaking, tables created in Mac look good on Windows, or at least, almost the same.
  • Document icons: no Mac icon is recognized on Windows (well, that’s obvious, since Windows version doesn’t have icons yet… :cry: )
  • PDF: I can’t read the PDF files on Scrivener for Windows. I don’t know what happened. They are perfectly readable on my Mac, but here they only look blank.
  • Webpages look good.

That would be all. Either way, I’m happy and thankful just for the fact that now I can come and go with my Scrivener files from one computer to another :wink: .


Hi Jacqueline,

That’s interesting. I just tried opening a Scrivener file on my PC that I had saved on my MacBook and got the following error message:

dl.dropbox.com/u/21068227/Mac-PC … bility.jpg

I’m using the most recent versions of Scrivener on both platforms. I started using Scrivener only last Saturday. I had no trouble opening a Scrivener file started on the PC with my Mac.

Hi Frank,

That’s an issue that’s been cropping up even with projects that have only ever been on the PC; seems to be some bug in the Windows beta which hopefully will get fixed soon. Meanwhile, you could try this fix and see if that helps (it won’t be destructive if it doesn’t, so there’s no harm in trying): viewtopic.php?f=30&t=10293&start=0&hilit=incompatible

Also, you might post the details of the error in this thread, just to be sure Lee knows it’s still an issue with the 021 beta and it remains on the bug list.

I haven’t had that issue. Today I reopened the project saved on the Mac and Scrivener for Windows opened it without problems, except for the things I’ve already reported. Even though I can’t see PDF files (I kind of remembered this had been already addressed), I can open the file with an external editor. This files has been saved on the Mac, then on Windows, then on the Mac again, then on Windows again… Not bad at all :smiley:.