Going between large DT screen and small LT screen

Hi all, I tried searching for a solution but all I was able to find was a topic about going between linux/windows. I’m on Mac. I have a MacPro for my desktop with a 30" Dell Monitor, and I have a 12" MacBook Retina.

I like to run Scrivener in the Mac Full Screen mode on the laptop, but when I save/sync through dropbox and open the same project on my desktop, the fullscreen mode opens by default and it’s all messed up. I’d prefer to have it open in windowed mode on the DT using the same layout settings that I see on the laptop.

Is there a way to specify layout settings per computer so things are loaded that way or is it only saved for that project? Having to resize all the frames each time I go back and forth gets tedious each time I change computers.


You probably want to look at the Window -> Layouts -> Manage Layouts tool.


Thank You! This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I feel like an idiot that I didn’t know this feature was there.

Is there a way to automatically launch all windows according to a layout? Looks like layouts are stored per Scrivener installation (ie. they didn’t copy over from desktop to laptop. I searched through the preferences panel but didn’t see the option to automatically apply a Layout on launch.

I don’t think there is a ‘use as default layout’ option, but you can attach a keyboard shortcut to each layout (in the normal OS X way), so it’s not too big a problem – open the project, use the keyboard shortcut and you’re away…

You’re right. I’ll do that. Thanks for the help! I need to learn so much more about this software.