Going from IOS to Beta. And back.

Dear Scrivener coders and fighters,

There seem to be some issues to transfer from the IOS Scrivener to the Windows Beta version.

I have a single problem with one and only one project. It was created in the last version of the IOS Scrivener. I opened it in the Windows Beta version, changed a bit, closed it. Then I wanted to open it again in the Windows Beta. There was a message, titled “Mettre à jour le Projet ?” (I write in French and use French versions of Scrivener). The text of the message was in English : “The project you are trying to load uses an older file format. Would your like to update it?” etc.

If I pressed on “OK”, it would create a copy version of the project, but wouldn’t open it. I tried to open it again in the Beta, or open the copy in the Beta, but the same message appeared, without any opening of the project. (I can send you the project, if it is of any help for you; nothing confidential in it.)

But, the project can still be opened in IOS Scrivener, without any problem.


Not exactly any problem.

When I try to open in IOS Scrivener a Scrivener File that has been changed in the Windows Beta, systematically it will first open a message, saying : “Erreur de la synchronisation. Une erreur est survenue pendant la tentative de création d’un répertoire local.”
Again, excuse my French. It says that there is a problem of sync in a local repertory.

And, more precisely : “Erreur (Error) : Le fichier (the file) " 68D86421-9752-475E-B376-0611BB43279C " n’existe pas” (doesn’t exist).

And the little sync icon (two curbs arrow) are red.

But if I press again on this icon, it syncs OK.

I hope I have been clear, and that this will help you.


Ok, I thought I had done a botched job as a tester, so I tried to recreate the problem I exposed in my last message.

So, I found out how and when the problem arises:

You have to create a new project, in the last version of IOS Scrivener.

You open it in Beta Windows once. No problem.

You want to open it again, it will say it’s an old version of projects and won’t open it anymore.

And it won’t open it anymore, even if you change the project in the IOS Scrivener.

I have to insist : it’s only a problem with project created in the last version of IOS Scivener. Projects created in versions before can be opened, changed, closed, without any problem.


How are you transferring the project between devices?