Good anti-faffing app

Check out an app called FREEDOM on MacUpdate. It bans you from the network (WAN, LAN or both) for anything up to eight hours at a stretch.

(Now I must get back to that interesting snake-equipment site I found a couple of hours ago.)

I’m too chicken to try it. What if it went wrong and never gave me back my network access? And without network access, how would I get in touch with the developer to ask him to rescue me? Agh! Nightmare!


Freedom does work, and so far (fingers crossed) it’s never let me down. The latest version copes better with Sleep mode.

When I remember to set it.

Another option is System Preferences > Parental Controls > Time Limits.

But here’s a suggestion if you’re still wary (I can understand why) or occasionally forget it like me and you use a domestic router: buy one of those electrical timers attached to a plug (about a tenner from a DIY store), set it up on a timing cycle to switch off your router when you think you’ll want to do some extended and distraction-minimised writing, and away you go.

It has the merit that if you want to use your local network (say for printing) or actually do really need to get on the Internet, you can press the over-ride button on the timer (in my case downstairs in a cupboard) or just re-plug. But that’s a faff and so a deterrent.


Hi Hugh,

Thank you.

Our router already has configurable options for blocking access at configurable times, and we use those for power-saving at night and to limit our daughter’s Facebook activities (which she calls a social life)… but it seems a bit weird, because when I try to override them in cases of dire emergency (such as wanting to read this forum when I can’t sleep), it only comes back on for five minutes before switching off again. Pah!

I think Parental Controls might be the way forward for me, and I have just set up a distraction-free user account with no internet access (and with access only to writing-related apps). Surely I must have enough self-discipline to stay in the one user account and not log out until I have done what I need to do! I’ll let you know if it works out :slight_smile: