Good Lord, I can no longer throw myself into the fireplace!

I took the plunge and upgraded to Snow Leopard this evening. Lovely little picture on the DVD casing, sweet little monochromatic pussycat bearing a fetching froth of snowflakes on his noggin, and 45 minutes of staring at my space-age monitor. And then–

NONE of my 3rd-party screensavers work anymore. :cry: Come to find out it’s a rather global problem, 64 as opposed to 32-bit somethings along the line, way more than I can manage. But I adored my little LOOPS fireplace and was all set to fork over $$ for the water package–waterfall, stream, lapping ocean waves. My beloved aquarium met the same fate. So now my ss choices are a bunch of Apple defaults, the least offensive of which is the “word of the day,” which I am rapidly growing sick of.

(The fireplace had a wonderful crackling sound, too, reminiscent of the crumple of discards into Apple’s trashcan, but juicier. Sigh.)

Aw! :frowning:

…I’m starting to feel glad I don’t have an Intel Mac so I can’t upgrade to Snow Leopard. Why do I suspect this isn’t what Apple intended?

that 32/64 something is pretty important. I bet that the folks who made the screen savers will have a 64 bit version out soon

On the other hand you could one of the saps with the core duo which is stuck at 32 bit. Wait. That is ME!

Well that answers my question about whether I should upgrade the macbook…maybe I’ll wait a little while.

Don’t hesitate. The core duo may be “stick” in a 32 bit world, but we can still run Snow. Most apps will still run and any app that doesn’t will be exclusively 64bit and should be well documented for 64bit only.

So ALL intel units can run snow.

I got a nice email from my acquarium supplier this morning saying they’d be updating asap. So at least I’ll have my fish…

in the meantime: three fingers of this, with the teeny weeniest dash of CO2 in a cut glass tumbler will keep y goin :smiling_imp:

vic-k you’re right!! I can see the flames back on my monitor already!! :smiley:

See! Told y`!!

By default SnowLeopard boots into 32bit Kernel mode by default (some actions are 64bit) on almost every Mac model except XServe.

Only the Xserve by default boots in 64 bit full mode (64 bit kernel).

The software developers of the screen savers will probably of course write more native code for their apps. Just check back on the website(s) of the creators.

Now one tidbit that was interesting was Contextual Menu Plugins were killed in Snow Leopard so any software using Contextual Menu Plugins will have to be re-written and now that functionality will be available in SERVICES instead of Contextual Menus.

Myself I enjoy the speed increase, the re-written finder, the 64 bit Apple standard applications, and the future benefit of OpenCL.

Also Snow Leopard will take any application that is incompatible and put it into a folder called “Incompatible Software” (nice feature I might say) during installation.

Since Snow just released GM I think now you will see many developers already working on updates for the new OS.