Good News: Smashwords now accepts (Scrivener) ePubs

Diving under the wire, on the very last day of 2012 Smashwords fulfilled its promise to begin allowing ePub book uploads, including those generated by Scrivener, during 2012. The details are here: … -with.html

It’s still not quite the equivalent of sending them a Word .doc file. You won’t get mobi (Amazon), PDF or HTML versions and, as yet, there won’t be a sample of that ePub file created. But it is a giant step, especially for those who’ve been creating ePub files for the iBookstore and B&N and don’t have Microsoft Word in your normal workflow.

In my case, it’s very good news since it means one InDesign document will generated all my digital outputs.

PDF export for Lightning Source and CreateSpace

ePub export for the iBookstore and Smashwords (with the latter supplying B&N, Kobo, Diesel, some library loan systems etc).

MOBI export through the Kindle plug-in for Amazon Kindles and Kindle apps.

One source for all output formats means only needing to fix typos and make revisions one place. And that, if you’ve ever tried to manage multiple versions, is marvelous. Since Scrivener can do the same exporting, although with less fancy formatting options than InDesign, it means Scrivener could become all you need to be an everywhere-that-matters publisher.

–Michael W. Perry, Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Hospitals

If you’re not familiar with what Smashwords offers independent authors, you might want to check out its Year in Review here: … er-in.html

If you’ve been trying to publish traditionally and meeting with little success, you might want to consider Smashwords. And since it only provides distribution, if your book does well and finds an interested publisher, you own all your rights and can transition easily.

Add Kindle Direct Publishing to Smashwords, and you’ve got virtually the entire ebook market covered.

Fame, riches and an inability to go out in public without being mobbed by eager fans await you.

–Mike Perry

Does anyone have any experience of using the new epub direct service from Smashwords, using an epub exported from Scrivener?

I’ve tried to publish an epub book with them and keep getting error messages:

“The book file you uploaded is in a format we do not support, or it has a filename extension we do not recognize. Your file appears to be a “application/zip” file, and has a “.epub” filename extension.”

There’s nothing wrong with the Scrivener end of things. The epub opens fine in Adobe Digital Editions and passes epub validation (at

But Smashwords keeps refusing the file. Tried with Safari and Chrome. Has anyone else had any success?