Good old Joseph Campbell

I’ve just reread Hero with a Thousand Faces (for the second time, after a several-decades-long hiatus). What a book. And now there is a new edition of Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, so I’ve donated my old edition to a friend and have a nice clean new one to mark up. :slight_smile: Also highly recommended.

It’s a mythical summer. :smiley:

I have Chris Vogler’s new edition, too. Bought it right off of him when he spoke to my writing group in July. He only brought a few copies with him, so I shamelessly elbowed a few people out of the way. Not sure I can let go of the old edition yet, though–it’s been one of my most-read writing books. I have to find just the right person to give it to.

Must be something in the air–I started Hero With a Thousand Faces (for the first time) a few weeks ago. Still reading it, but I am completely blown away by the way Campbell wraps up all the myths into the one monomyth and makes it clear to the rest of us.

Which also reminds me of a fellow local writer; when asked to critique another person’s writing, his only comment was that there was no hero there. Sounds simple, but sometimes we posit a character who is so much “everyman” that he/she is colorless and smaller than life, instead of bigger.

With Campbell, heroes are always bigger than life, someone you can pick out of the crowd. Refreshing.