Good previewer for Epubs

I know the Kindle Previewer app is an excellent tool for checking your Scrivener mobi formatted novel before uploading it to Amazon, but is there an equivalent for a novel in epub format? Within Scrivener or a third party application?

I have Calibre, but wasn’t sure if it will show me the cleanest epub copy available.

Thanks in advance.


Adobe Digital Editions gets a lot of attention: … nload.html

I check them in iBooks on my Mac and iPad (not an Adobe fan).

smacks head :unamused: Of course. I use that as well. Just didn’t put it together as a previewer! Awesome! Thanks so much!!!

I’d try a couple of different previewers, including the software for some of the major e-reader platforms. (Barnes & Noble’s Nook, for instance.) They all have their own quirks.