Google announcement - Building Android and IOS apps in one hit

If this was done, and the Scrivener user bought a compatible Chromebook, Scrivener could be used on a Chromebook. O happy day!

Sounds good in theory, however would need a lot of additional info.

From personal code experience, all-in-one/cross platform development programs have a history of not generating optimised code for any/either platform.

It mentions being optimised for the Chromebook Graphics engine, though no mention of same for iPad, or for that matter any other graphics engines in ARM chips from the various manufacturers, or for any of the Android forks.

Of course to develop Scrivener for both platforms using Flutter would entail starting again with the current iOS version and potentially throwing away all the work done to date.

My understanding from previous threads is if L&L proceed with the Android version it will leverage a lot of the work done for the Win version. It remains to be seen how well Android apps will work on Chromebooks. To date most I’ve seen have been pretty ordinary, reminding one of the old 2X iPhone/iPad apps.

I get the impression Google is trying to deprecate straight Android long term and focus on Chrome O/S for Tablets/Chromebooks and possibly their own phones moving forward.

Fuchsia is the new OS.

Yep, that is the one. How long before it’s mainstream is anyone’s guess, but it (possibly) doesn’t bode well for Android longer term.

there is no end to the speculation. But the fact that G is presenting it for test beds at hardware conventions and such… They’ve pretty much said F is the platform future.

I will be interested to see real OSS competition to Linux. It will be interesting to see what G actually delivers in terms of “OS”. Are we only getting a Flutter interpreter or will we get a full C/C++ lib set to port all the standard util (I mean what would we do without perl, python, php executables? :slight_smile:)

How true! I’ve been using computers long enough to remember the Word for Mac 6.0 fiasco where Microsoft tried to save development costs by cross-compiling their Windows version for Macs. The result was so awful, it had to keep selling Word 5.1.

That said, I suspect that more users would take up Scrivener for iOS if they knew that they had an Android version to fall back on if Apple’s pattern of increasing prices makes iPhones and iPads too expensive for them.