Google Blogger Publishing - A Market Scrivener Could Dominate

I’ve done much research on finding a suitable Macintosh offline editor for Google Blogger; however, have not found a suitable application for Blogger.


Blog, MarsEdit, Ecto are all deceased.

MacJournal recently was given back to the original developer by a company that was handling the product. A new edition was released by the developer who has limited resources verses a company thus any updates will be slow. The latest version is not useable. Posts with images simply do not upload - they stall with a spinning icon forever. The app freezes, crashes, etc.

ByWord simply sends your document, which can’t include images, to Blogger as a new post each time. Its not tied to drafts or posts already within your Blogger account thus editing previous drafts or posts is not possible unless you use Blogger’s own editor…

BlogTouch does upload text and images. The images are uploaded to Google Drive at original quality images thus they count against storage space unlike high quality images which do not. The 15GB of free Google Drive space would quickly be depleted, forcing the purchase of additional storage. BlogTouch also only maintains copies of your work within BlogTouch while they are classified as “Offline”. Once they are uploaded to Blogger as drafts or published posts they are simply retrieved by the app from your Blogger account and not stored on your company. That leaves no way to recover your posts. You can save your entire blog as a xml file on your computer from Blogger and import it back to Blogger, but you’d have to parse that file into something that could be used by a application or your Mac should you decide to move your articles off of Blogger.

MWeb dropped support for Google Pictures uploads for blog posts due to Google API changes. It does apparently support the image hosts, but that means manually inserting the image links into Blogger and possibly paying for image hosting which defeats the reason for using Blogger (its free). After uploading only three text only posts it started to generate alert boxes with cryptic text a thus removed.

StackEdit and similar online editors that can publish to Blogger are useless middlemen in the way from my point of view.

Windows Live Writer was previously abandoned by MS. Open Live Writer is an open source version which has been updated in 2 years. I explored installing these into a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox so they could run on my Mac. Windows Live Writer can’t be installed due to technical reasons. Open Live Writer would require the purchase of Windows 10 Home Edition at $140 just start the process of trying to get it to work. Storing content in often unstable VMs is really not a sound workflow even assuming the work could be archived outside the VM for safekeeping.

Installing Chromium OS, a lite version of Chrome OS, into a VirtualBox VM was not technically possible. Supposedly Chromebook users are allowed to insert images in Blogger’s editor directly from Google Drive, which interested me as images can be uploaded to Drive automatically via Google’s Backup & Sync. Not sure if this ability translates to the lite version of the OS. Buying a Chromebook to test this is not an option and could likely be counterproductive as all the content would be completed on my Mac Pro anyway.

I also explored Blogger’s ability to upload images via email, but including images of any significant size will result in Blogger returning your email due its mailbox being full. Sending text only messages seems counterproductive.


At this point in time it is best to assume that uploading images to Blogger with any type of editor is not an option due to various changes with Google’s APIs. Studying my workflow I think its far more efficient to simply place placeholders of some type in your article to represent with images go and upload images to Google Album Archive in folders. Once the text has been pasted into Blogger’s editor or uploaded via a application the image placeholders are replaced wit images using Blogger’s editor which has access to Google Album Archive.

I save images using file names that include their order within an article thus I simply insert placeholder numbers where images go. The numbers represent a single image(1), a defined range (2-3) or the remainder of images assigned to the article (4+).


This leaves finding a suitable application that one can create text in a stable format such as MarkDown and export it in a format suitable for Blogger’s own editor via copy and paste. The resulting pasted text in Blogger’s own editor would be saved as drafts on Blogger, with images inserted later.

One would need to store each draft’s main content and title and be able to copy those separately to the clipboard with ease. I do not currently use tags on posts, but may in the future thus I would need the ability to store list of tags separated by commas that could easily copied and pasted into blogger’s editor.

Another possibility would be to copy and paste the content into BlogTouch from Scrivener for uploading to Blogger as drafts without images.

A easier way would be for Scrivener to have the ability to retrieve a Blogger account’s posts from Blogger as HTML, which would be displayed as plain text for editing. Any HTML pertaining to image tags within a post could not be edited and be locked out. Images would not be displayed within Scrivener just text place holders where they are. Images would not be uploaded by Scrivener.

If retrieving posts is too much then just the ability to upload articles within Scrivener as drafts to Blogger would help as this would save copying and pasting. The articles within Scrivener are not tied to previously published items on Blogger in a similar fashion as ByWord so that if you upload the same article in Scrivener twice it creates two new drafts instead of updating the previously updated draft. The main difference is that uploads are drafts on Blogger and not published as live posts.

I’ve read several articles on Blogger workflows and would be interested in any further input. I am simply looking for the fastest way to create and export to Blogger.

I believe you are wrong about Marsedit. Still showing on Mac app store and I use it all the time.

Is Blogger still live? I haven’t read or heard anything about it in the last few years. I’m amazed there are people who sill use it. I always thought of it as Myspace for blogging.

There are plenty of apps in the App Store which do not work, have not been updated in a long time, are abandoned and which are totally useless. That is why Apple has a automated refund system. A Google search will show many more such apps. I just received a refund for ByWord from Apple today. MWeb is also listed by Apple yet the developer has not updated his site and documentation to state that it no longer works with Google Photos due Google API changes. Well at least MWeb had a demo, but it took contacting the developer to find out why the app differs from the documentation.

MarsEdit does not upload images to Blogger. Below is an official statement from the developer which is old news yet the developer has not taken the time to update the restof his site to indicate it no longer works. … d-marsedit

Here is image of error message you will receive:

Due to the change in Google’s API you also can’t use the Published Tab in the Media Manager to select media.

A moot point now, but extremly annoying that you can’t remove the iPhoto or Photos Libraries at the top Media Manager. I don’t store media on the same drive as the OS and certainly would never be interested in using those worthless apps if I did.

I am wondering if the developer has considered using Google Drive like BlogTouch, assuming Google API allows the uploading of images as high quality verses original quality.

You can save your text posts as local drafts which the app indicates are stored “On the Mac”, Once these get sent to Blogger as drafts or published posts they disappear as drafts and are no longer stored on the Mac. There is no option to retain the local drafts in the app. There is no option to duplicate the local drafts (such as Command + D). One would have to manually create a duplicate of each draft so tha tone copy could be stored “On the Mac”. I wonder how having a large number of local drafts stored by the app would effect its performance given its current coding - I think one woul dbe seeing spinning beach balls.

For some reason it shows Blogger Pages in the list of Blogger Posts, which is unwanted. The Search field is great!

So what you really have here is another BlogTouch. BlogTouch can upload images in posts but they stored in Google Drive as original quality as opposed to high quality which are not counted against Drive’s storage space. Both thus require images to be uploaded and inserted via Blogger’s own editor OR uploaded via Google Album Archive and inserted via Blogger’s own editor.

Both can edit existing drafts or posts on Blogger; however, that leaves the problem of retaining a copy of each draft / post on your Mac’s backup drives for safekeeping. If your posts or drafts have images inserted into them on Blogger you have to save the posts on your Mac in some format that is not going to be corrupted or remove the images that you had to manually insert.

Just as well all my work with MarsEdit is for Wordpress sites. Sounds like Google royally screwed app developers.

Scrivener is unlikely to add tools for direct posting to Blogger or any other site, just as it does not directly upload your manuscript to Amazon or any other site.

You can, however, compile from Scrivener to whatever format your destination site accepts. Most will accept Word, RTF, or possibly Markdown in addition to HTML.


BlogTouch uploads images to Google Drive whereas MarsEdit used Google Photos. So clearly MarsEdit could update its app to do the same, which would require using Drive’s API instead. The problem with BlogTouch is that it uploads images at original quality which count against Drive’s free 15GB storage. Google’s Backup & Sync app, Google Photos, Google Album Archive all have a preference to upload images at high quality instead, which do not count against your free storage space thus giving you unlimited storage space. These two programs need be updated to use high quality via Google’s API if that is possible.

Neither MarsEdit nor BlogTouch is a Literature & Latte product. You should ask their respective developers.


I would have never guessed that on my own.

Why do you assume I have not already contacted them weeks ago?

I removed the trailing typo “?” on the last sentence so you would no longer be confused into thinking I was actually asking someone here about the program’s interaction with Google’s API as opposed to providing some information to someone who responded.

This is the Scrivener Wish List forum. Do you have a concrete feature suggestion for Scrivener?

If not, I’d be happy to move this thread to the Software and Development forum, which is a more appropriate place for discussions of software other than Literature & Latte’s.


Perhaps you should reread the title and all the posts if you are confused.

Its about adding a feature to Scrivener for a market that Scrivener could dominate since there are no effective apps for Blogger now. The two remaining Mac apps are defective, With the publisher on one (MarsEdit) previously stating earlier this year he may drop Blogger support altogether. Even the best blogging app for Windows with the ability to interact with Blogger, in addition to other sites, was discontinued by MS, with the open source version not being updated in 2 years.

Perhaps you are confused about who you are replying to? Katherine is a member of the L&L staff and already stated earlier in the thread that this functionality was not likely to be added to Scrivener. As such, any further discussion of the topic becomes off-topic for this forum, because it is no longer discussing a Scrivener feature.

Really sorry I didn’t bend over far enough to kiss her arse.

What an arogant company.

As I said before: There is no such market. Blogged is effectively dead since late 2018.

I need Scrivener to be able to edit directly on Google Blogger. I do not think that Google Blogger is dead, in addition, it is the only option to have a blog with its own domain without paying extras and without limit of visits or storage space.

Do you like to pay for everything? I do not like it.

If there is something effective that is free (Dropbox) I will use it but I have no issue at all with paying. I happily pay for Scrivener, domain names, web hosting, effective Wordpress themes and plug ins etc.

L&L staff have already stated they do not see that functionality being added to Scrivener.