Google Docs To Scrivener

I do a lot of my writing from my Chromebook and Google Docs, and then import my drafts into Scrivener. The problem is, no matter what I do, every time I post into Scrivener from Google Docs, the font looks like one continuous hyperlink. I have tried pasting into Notepad to nuke all formatting, but this doesn’t work; pasting from notepad still results in the appearance of hyperlinks. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks for reading and any help.

Hi Ironman – After you’ve pasted content into Scriv’s editor, if you Select All (ctrl-a), cut and then paste again, you’ll usually clear the hyperlink artifacts. They show up frequently in any paste from the HTML clipboard.

Rgds – Jerome

Does that happen if you export to RTF from GD?

Try Paste and Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V). It’s in the Edit menu. This pastes the contents of the clipboard without any of its existing fonts and styles.

I use it all the time when copying text from web pages.

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to reply! I’ve tried the copy/paste/match style trick, but it still came out looking like hyperlinks. I had also tried importing from RTF (notepad) to Scrivener, same result. Next time I’m at my computer I’ll give that trick about copying and pasting from Scrivener to Scrivener a shot. I’ll also post a screenshot from my computer. Thanks again for the assist.

The thing with Paste and Match Style is you need to paste after text that’s already in the format you want.

Please try an experiment. Create a new Scrivener doc, use the Preset button to change the text to Body, type a few words, then a couple of spaces, then try the Paste and Match Style immediately after the spaces (on the same line).

Any better?

Just a reminder that Paste and Match Style will strip the original doc’s intentional formatting, not just the hyperlink-style artifacts that sometimes appear on HTML pastes.

Here’s an old discussion and illustration of the behavior:

Problem with cutting and pasting from webpages

A hint to developers. I use an HTML filter before pasting web content into Scrivener, and have found that any element with an ID attribute will show the hyperlinking effect that Ironman describes. The IDs are meaningless in Scrivener, so I strip them within HTML clips destined for a Scriv paste, and that could be part of Scrivener’s own pre-processing as well.

Rgds – Jerome

As an alternative to using copy/paste, have you considered instead using Scrivener’s Synchronized Folders for your workflow?

I have not used it myself, but Synchronized Folders is a way to have Scrivener monitor files in a cloud folder and import updates from them into your project. According to the manual, if the files are .rtf, most formatting will be retained.

See 13.1 in the manual for more info. I don’t know how well it works with Google docs, but it might be worthwhile for you to give it a try with a test project.

Im a noob to Scrivener and had the same problem. Have a book started in Google docs and want to try out this tool.
When i copy/paste form google docs, it all comes out hyperlinked and overlapping text. Pretty awful.

I tried to export from google docs to .docx and .rtf, but both times, the text comes out all pushed to the left margin, as if there are a bunch of cartridge returns, but this was not the issue, I could not find a way to fix this so I came across this post and tried the copy/paste again and managed to nail it.

After copy/paste…

ctrl X cut
ctrl V paste
This resulted in all the text being highlighted in black. Go figure!
ctrl A select all
right click and change text highlighting to ‘none’.

That fixed it.