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Okay, feels like a stupid question to me but I have some writing that I want to put into Scrivener from Google Docs…however, when I copy and paste it formats the text as blue, underlined, and messed up almost all the time. What am I missing?

Isn’t there simply a way to copy and paste from Google Docs and put it into a Scrivener document or do I have to download the Google Doc and then use the import option (trying to avoid that, seems like extra steps).

Have you tried “Paste and Match Style” (on the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+V)? This should strip out extraneous formatting and conform the text to the style in your document.

Hey there,

Thanks for the idea. I did try it that way also. I’m really puzzled as I can copy and paste from Google Docs into just about everything else I’ve ever used.

If you want to do more than copy/paste a brief text,
Use File: Download as…and select Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Although the command is accurate, usually I’m looking for Export
So this one took a while to find.

And I would agree that Paste & Match Style is best for short bits.

Ok thanks. I will try that out.

Blue underlining sounds like a link, which suggests HTML formatting. As a complete kludge, you could try pasting first into Notepad, then copying from Notepad into Scrivener. That should remove every trace of formatting–including, of course, things like italics that you might want.

I am having the same issue. Even copying to notepad, then back to Scrivener, gives me the blue / underlined text. Is there nothing in scrivener to remove the formatting completely? Transfer to plain text?

When I copy to notepad, in notepad it’s back to normal, no colours, no underlines, nothing, but as soon as I copy it back to scrivener it puts it right back to where it started.

I am also using google docs, and choose to do this primarily because I can share it among multiple PCs without ever worrying, then I just copy/paste from Docs to Scrivener but I keep getting this problem. I now have 4-5 chapters done, but it’s all in blue.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to resolve this for me.

I will also note, that when copy/pasting large amounts of text (a page or more), the first paragraph minus the first letter, always appears normal. The first letter will be blue / underlined, and starting on the second paragraph, it will be blue / underlined. But the second letter till the end of the first paragraph, is black, and fine.

Pasting into Scrivener using Edit > Paste and Match Style (Shift+Ctrl+V) will paste as plain text without needing to go through Notepad. If you’ve already pasted into the document, however, that formatting will linger. You can use Ctrl+Z to undo the previous paste and get back to your normal formatting, the formatting you want the plain text to take. Alternatively, you could apply a formatting preset to all the text after pasting it, like Word’s format painter. Once you’re in the habit of just doing the initial paste as Paste and Match Style, you shouldn’t need those extra steps.

Blue underlining shows up regularly in segments pasted from the web. The easy workaround is to Select All within your document immediately after the paste, then cut and paste again. This strips all the HTML and scripting detritus that Scriv’s RTF engine can’t process, while retaining the formatting and direct links.

See for extended discussion:

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Rgds – Jerome

I use this little program that sits and runs in your taskbar. Works fine in Windows 10 as well.

Just click the little PT in the taskbar (or assign it a hot key) and it will strip all the formatting off your text. Then paste as usual.

I have mine autostart with Windows.


I noticed this too. For some reason it’s showing as a HTML link even though, like you say, the text has been copied to notepad and repasted it into Scrivener. No idea how that works. I’ve checked it in another text editor, Notepad++ which shows all hidden ASCII characters and such but still nada.

Anyway. What I found works reliably is to type a few random characters into a new text file, then CTRL+A to highlight the new text, then select Paste (Match Style). Just doing Paste (Match Style) on an empty document seems to be pretty random whether it works or not.