google drive import shows up as link

I’m a newby so this is probably a real easy one. I’m trying to transfer a bunch of files from google drive to scrivener and they keep showing up as a blue highlighted link in the centre of the page instead of as a scrivener usable file. Can someone help?

That sounds like the way Scrivener handles files it cannot display. It lets you store all kinds of files within the Binder, so that you can use it as an information hub, but obviously we can’t program fifty thousand different file filters, so a lot of those will just be displayed with a link so you can open it in a program that does understand them.

If you want to get these into Scrivener in a usable format then try using the original software to convert it to a format it recognises. I don’t know what that may be, if they are PowerPoint presentations, perhaps exporting as a PDF is best. If they are Wordperfect files, RTF would be best, and so on.