Google - wha?

Okay, why on Earth have Google moved the links to “Images”, “Maps” etc to the top-left of the page from the much better position of above the search field? Now I have to move my cursor right the way to to the top-left of the screen to specify that I want to search for images. Rubbish.

I’m thinking it’s the iPhone effect.

This has an interface you might like.

I can’t help with Google’s new scheme, but to save you a few keystrokes in your image searching, it’s spelled “naked” not “nekkid.” :smiley:

I just noticed it today and it threw me off stride. It’s scandalous.

Not been happy with it for a while, noticed it the other week when looking for the ‘more’ link. Was a bit confuzzled to say the least. :open_mouth:

I have to be lenient on Google though as they now allow me to get RSS feeds on my phone. Fully working Scrivener forum and RSS Feed on my phone. Ha ha :smiley: