I don’t reckon this is the kind of forum writers will post into due to their inherent modesty, but what the heck, I’ve put in the hours…

[tumpet fanfare]

My third novel’s published in the UK today by Simon & Schuster and was reviewed in Saturday’s Guardian. It was published in the US in November.

A few years ago this was just a dream.

Maybe I’m dreaming now.

Somebody kick me…

Life kicks us all enough.
If you put in the hours, you get to crow a bit. Enjoy it.



Well, I think you deserve some congrats…Martin. Maybe cos Im still struggling and you have had success …and that encourages me to continue. Its good to hear positive news about other writers…Nice one. Id like to read a review if you have a link …?


Links to all reviews I know of can be found on my website: martinsketchley.co.uk

I’ll say to you what someone once said to me (a highly respected award-winning author of several decades standing, who is now a good friend. One of his novels was recently made into a successful Hollywood movie): I am once where you are, but I am now where I am.

It’s a clumsy sentence and I didn’t quite get what he meant at the time, but now I understand. Although in truth I have still have a long way to go before I get where he is, I was once where you are…

Wow, Martin, many congratulations!!! The Liberty Gun. Sounds very intriguing. I love good sci-fi!!

But mostly congrats on having the grit and persistence to get three books published!!! You inspire the rest of us!!


See, now I’m just blushing…

Wow, well done! I read that review, too, as I always read the sf column in the Guardian Review section. A whole trilogy… Cool. I’ll have to check it out.

Well done and congrats! You are where I hope to be as well. Tis good to pat yerself on the back, especially among fellow writers.

Well done,this is great. This must be a lot of work.

I’m adding my well done and exceedingly rare to the list. Way to go, Martin!!